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We are discipling a generation to live in the freedom and love of God’s Kingdom and prepare the way for Jesus' return!
Your breakthrough is waiting...

It's time to step into the freedom and purpose God intended you to live in!

  • Are you hungry for more intimacy with God?
  • Are you frustrated with the lack of transformation in your Christian experience?
  • Are you seeking to understand God’s greater purpose for your life?
  • Are you longing to have a greater impact with your life?

If you can agree with any of these statements, we can relate! We were once there as well! Our goal is to share the truths God revealed to us that will help you overcome the obstacles you face and guide you into the life of freedom and purpose you were created for!

What Do we do?

We help you apply Kingdom principles to your life

We believe God's Word holds the answers to succeeding in every area of life. We want to help you uncover the timeless truths and principles that will propel your life into freedom and purpose!

Spiritual Development

The gospel is the power of God for salvation! We believe this power will be evident in the transformation of our mind and spirit as we grow in, and walk in, His word and truth!


Too many people are stuck financially, unable to pursue the greater purpose they were created for. We want to help you get financial freedom so you can do what you feel called to do!


God is a relational God and has given us the ability to have truly fulfilling relationships with others. We'll teach you the principles in scripture that will elevate your relationships!

Career & Productivity

Time is life and life is precious! God commanded us to make the best use of our time. We'll walk you through the Kingdom principles of rest, having fun, and being productive!

Health & Wellness

We want to help you learn to maximize your health, physically and emotionally, so you can perform at the highest level possible while bringing Glory to God in all you do!


Everyone is a leader to someone! If you aren't now you will be soon. No one can fulfill their destiny alone. Learn the power of Kingdom team building and leadership principles!

How Do We Do Help You?

We offer resources that will...

Expose you to Kingdom Truths,
Educate you on Kingdom Principles,
Exhort and Establish you in Kingdom Ways.
We Offer:

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