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About The Tekoa Project!

Meet Mike & Revae…

We’re so glad you stopped by! We are Mike and Revae Lawrence and we have been serving the Lord together since before we were married in 2000. We have 5 awesome kids… seriously, they are GREAT! Our family spent 13 years church planting in Costa Rica. In 2017 God called us to return to the United States. 3 weeks later Revae suffered a ruptured aneurysm. By God’s grace Revae’s life was spared and we have an incredible testimony to share about the faithfulness of God!

We now live in Sunny Florida and are excited to be on this new journey, launching The Tekoa Project! We can’t wait to connect with you and see what God does!

Why The Tekoa Project Was Started…

The idea for The Tekoa Project originated in 2014 in a small town in Costa Rica, but more on that later. The Tekoa Project finally became a reality and was established in 2020.

Our vision is to help Christians step into the fullness of God’s purposes for their lives: First, to know God intimately. Then, to do Kingdom work in Kingdom ways, for the Glory of King Jesus!

But before we tell you more about us, we’d like to get to know you a little…

Every Christian is on a journey with the Lord. While each of us is in a different place in our “walk” today, the Bible is clear that we all have the same destination… becoming more like Jesus!

How would you describe your spiritual journey or your Christian walk up to this point?

Has it been frustrating, making you wonder if this is all there is? Have you been confused while reading the Bible? Have you ever wondered if God even hears your prayers? Have you ever felt powerless in your struggle with sin? Maybe you’ve felt a lack of joy and purpose in your life?

On the other hand, maybe you’re cruising along, satisfied with where you’re at in your walk because it seems to be working for you? For many, the modern Christian experience has become nothing more than fulfilling a “checklist”:

  • go to church,
  • read your bible,
  • serve consistently,
  • give generously

Maybe You’ve been doing these things so long you could do them blindfolded because your walk hasn’t changed much for quite some time!

While each of these things is good and necessary, if you allow them to become nothing more than a “routine” they will leave you feeling empty and frustrated. Worse, if they become the way you measure your spiritual maturity, they’ll give you a false sense of growth and blind you to the realities of your own spiritual condition.

Can you relate to either of these scenarios?

God didn’t redeem you so you could stay endlessly frustrated and He certainly didn’t redeem you so you could unknowingly become self-righteous! Whether you’re currently frustrated in your walk or you seem to be cruising along just fine,

The truth is that God created you, and Jesus redeemed you, for more!

The question is…

  • What is the “more” you were created for and
  • How do you walk in it each day?

These questions are two of the reasons God gave us the vision to launch The Tekoa Project!

We believe the “more” you were created for is found in Jesus!

  • It begins with knowing Him deeply and intimately. This is God’s primary purpose for your life.
  • Then, from that place of deep relationship, you are called to make Him known. You carry this out in every area of life… such as your personal life, your relationships, your career, and your community.
  • God’s final purpose for your life is to glorify Him in all you do… in your knowing Him as well as how you make Him known!

This is the vision God has given us for The Tekoa Project!

How we carry it out and, more importantly, how we help you walk in the “more” God has for your life can be found in Our Mission.

If you would like to learn more about our Mission. You can Read Our Mission Here.

Are You Ready To Take Your Next Step?

If you’re tired of the status quo in your Christian walk and you’re ready to take your faith further and fulfill God’s Purpose for your life then we suggest you start here!

Thanks again for stopping by! We hope you find a home here at The Tekoa Project and we can’t wait to connect with you!

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