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How To Live With Greater Purpose in 2021

Are you happy 2020 is over? Are you prepared for what 2021 might bring? In this post and video, I share what God has put on my heart for His people in 2021, specifically how to live with greater purpose! God is doing a new thing and He is inviting people to break out of the status quo of their Christian life and join Him in His work. But, will you respond to His call? In this short video and post, I share how you can prepare your heart for all God has in store for you and live with greater purpose in 2021!

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One Habit That Will Skyrocket Your Spiritual Growth!

As the current year draws to a close and a new one quickly approaches, there are probably a lot of hopes and goals you have for the new year! Unfortunately, when New Years rolls around most of us tend to make a list of more things (resolutions) we want to accomplish. These things tend to leave us discouraged and worn out. Our addiction to busyness has become like a badge of honor in today’s culture. The more you are doing the more valuable you must be…, right? When put like that, the answer seems obvious… of course not. There is, however, one habit you can pursue that will skyrocket your spiritual growth. Rather than leaving you discouraged and worn out, it can refresh your soul on a daily basis. But first, you might need to deal with one major hindrance to this life-changing habit.

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How To Have Unshakeable Hope

How To Have Unshakeable Hope In Uncertain Times

This has been a crazy year… forgive me for stating the obvious. Many of the things people once held dear or found security in have been undermined. Governments seem less stable, political systems are being called into question, physical health has been attacked, among many other things that have destabilized people’s lives. It would be bad enough if this were only true of those outside the church, but it isn’t. Many Christians have also experienced this destabilization effect in their lives. As times seem more and more uncertain, their hope wanes. As we move into the future, it is more important than ever that we learn how to have unshakeable hope!

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reach your God-given potential by doing these 5 things

5 Things You Can Do To Reach Your God-Given Potential

Every person wants to know that their life has meaning and significance. But most people aren’t sure how to live in a meaningful and significant way. If you only go through life simply focused on getting through the day, not giving much thought or action towards your future, then you likely won’t reach your God-given potential. The reality is that in order to fulfill God’s will for your life you must live intentionally. This is because as you grow personally, new opportunities become accessible to you. This is true in almost every area of life, which is why living intentionally and continuing to grow as a person are so important.

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