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Welcome To The Tekoa Project!

If Our Vision is what we do and why we do it, then our Mission is how we carry out our vision on a daily basis.

Our Vision is to help Christians step into the fullness of God’s purposes for their lives: First, to know God intimately. Then, to do Kingdom work in Kingdom ways, for the Glory of King Jesus!

If you haven’t already, you can read about Our Vision here.

Now, let’s dive into our Mission:

Our Mission is to ignite God’s people towards greater passion and purpose, equipping them to take their faith further and fulfill God’s purpose for their life.

There are a few key ways God has called us to accomplish our mission of pouring into your life and helping you on your journey…

Our primary emphasis is on teaching and building discipleship relationships. We do both of these things in person as well as online.

Primarily, we focus our efforts in 3 strategic areas:

  • Creating Content: We host podcasts, write books and Bible Study Guides, and create online courses taking you through the Bible. We aim to help you understand God’s Word and apply it to every area of your life.
  • Hosting Events: Both online events such as webinars and live streams as well as live events where we can meet you face to face, invest in your life, and help you connect with others on this incredible journey as well.
  • Public Speaking: We are passionate teachers of God’s Word. We aim to influence the body of Christ towards God’s Kingdom purposes through speaking in churches, conferences, and retreats as the Lord opens up the right opportunities.

We have found that these efforts create multiple opportunities for you to interact with us at The Tekoa Project, equipping you to fulfill God’s purpose for your life!

Some Important topics we teach you include…

  • The true nature of God
  • Your true identity in Christ
  • The Foundation Stones for developing a healthy walk with God
  • How to understand Gods word more clearly
  • How to live according to Gods kingdom ways in each area of your life
  • How to experience freedom from the bondage of sin, empty religion, and joyless Christianity
  • And much more!

In order to accomplish this mission, we are committed to the following core principles…

  • Following God’s Spirit – We fully believe and teach that apart from the Holy Spirit we can do nothing of eternal value. For this reason, we make abiding in His Presence, seeking His guidance, and walking in His strength each day our top priority. Everything else must flow from this place of intimacy with, and dependence upon, Him.
  • Teaching Gods Word – This is the basis for all life transformation and is at the foundation of what we do.
  • Equipping God’s People – We believe God has a purpose for your life. We are committed to helping you discover His purpose and equipping you to carry it out in every area of your life.
  • Assisting God’s Leaders – God has blessed His church with leaders. Much of the burnout and frustration leaders experience today is from doing God’s work in the world’s ways. We are committed to assisting God’s leaders do God’s Kingdom work according to His Kingdom ways. This leads to greater sense of purpose, joy, and longevity in ministry.
  • Manifesting God’s Kingdom – God’s work on the earth is bigger than any one church or denomination. In fact, it goes beyond the walls of the church into every sphere of life. We are committed to proclaiming God’s Kingdom, teaching His Kingdom ways, and helping others see His Kingdom established in their lives and spheres of influence.
  • Exalting God’s Glory – Everything is about Jesus! Apart from Him, we would be nothing and we could do nothing. We are committed to seeking His will in all we do and giving Him all the glory for whatever we accomplish!

Are You Ready To Take Your Next Step?

If you’re tired of the status quo in your Christian walk and you’re ready to take your faith further and fulfill God’s Purpose for your life then we suggest you start here!

Thanks again for stopping by! We hope you find a home here at The Tekoa Project and we can’t wait to connect with you!

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