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Are you ready to be ignited and take your faith further so you can fulfill God’s purpose for your life?

Our podcasts are designed to have a deep impact and produce lasting fruit in your life. You will be encouraged, exhorted, and fired up to grow in your faith and experience all that God has for you.

You will be taught God’s word in a way you can understand and easily apply to every area of your life! You will find we are real people, trying to walk out our faith in very real ways each day. Our podcasts focus on creating value through engaging teachings, honest discussions, and transparent application. Subscribe today and get ready to leave dead religion behind and step into the freedom God intended you to have in your relationship with Him!

The Daily Pursuit: (Has Over 6,000 Downloads!!)

Follow Jesus and Find Rest For Your Soul!

Are you weary in this hectic world? Then check out the daily pursuit, a podcast that teaches you God’s Word in short, impactful episodes. This podcast is dedicated to helping you follow Jesus and find rest for your soul while navigating the busyness of daily life. If you could use a daily dose of God’s Word then subscribe and join others like you who are following Jesus and finding rest for their soul on The Daily Pursuit!

Truth That Ignites: (Now Playing!!)

Ignite Your Life Towards Greater Passion and Purpose!

Are you tired of the status quo in your Christian walk? Are you ready to take your faith further and fulfill God’s Purpose for your life? Then check out Truth That Ignites, a podcast that will ignite your life towards greater passion and purpose, by teaching you to think and live from a kingdom perspective. Hosted by Mike & Revae Lawrence, TTI features in-depth bible teachings with practical application. You’ll also find honest and thought-provoking discussions on topics essential to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. 

If you’re ready to go deeper with Jesus and experience everything He has for your life, then subscribe to the podcast and join others just like you who are igniting their lives towards greater passion and purpose!

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