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Welcome To The Tekoa Project!

We are Mike and Revae Lawrence. We launched the Tekoa Project in 2020 as a way to help Christians take their faith further.

What does that mean? I’m glad you asked!

As Christians in full time ministry for over 16 years, on 2 continents, we have seen many problems plaguing today’s church. More importantly, we have experienced them ourselves.

More than once we have opened our bibles to study the scriptures only to leave frustrated… frustrated that what we saw in scripture seemed so much richer than what we experienced personally or witnessed in our churches. The longer we looked around us, the more we noticed something staggering. Most Christians were in the same boat. To make matters worse, many simply went about their business as though the status quo was all there was for the Christian life. Did I mention this left us frustrated?

I think you may have felt this way at some point too… otherwise you wouldn’t have stopped by here right?

It was out of a long season of prayer and seeking the Lord about these things that God began to transform our lives and, eventually, the idea for The Tekoa Project was birthed in our hearts! To be clear, we aren’t the experts nor do we assume to be. We are just Christians who are hungry to experience all God has for us and we are also passionate about sharing what God shows us with others!

Some of the things God began teaching us that we are passionate about passing on to you are:

  • knowing the true nature of God (He’s better than you’ve been told),
  • knowing your God-given identity in Christ (this changes everything in your daily walk),
  • how to rightly divide God’s word so you can understand it and apply it today,
  • the importance of God’s Kingdom in how you live out your life,
  • God’s purpose for the church and doing ministry according to His Kingdom ways
  • and so much more…

If you are ready to take your faith further and fulfill God’s purpose for your life then we invite you to join us at The Tekoa Project! Here are some ways you can do that…

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