page title icon Series: Finding Rest In Jesus

TDP 0005: The Shepherd Your Soul Needs

#0005 (Matthew 11:28-30 – pt.5) – One of the biggest hindrances to people experiencing a closer walk with God is that they don’t believe He is good and His plans are trustworthy. Sure, most Christians know God is good… because the Bible tells us so. Yet, deep within their hearts, they do not believe this to be true. If they did, they would run after Him and His purposes for their life. In contrast to this sentiment, Jesus invites us to take His yoke upon us. To do this, we must surrender our will and submit to His will. This thought scares many people, but Jesus assures us He is good and trustworthy because He is the Good Shepherd our soul needs! 

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TDP 0004: Whose Yoke Are You Under?

#0004 (Matthew 11:29-30) – There are many yokes a person could carry in life, and each of them will leave you drained, exhausted, worn out… except for 1. Jesus declared that His yoke was easy and His burden was light. If your life feels burdensome and you are feeling weary, then it could be that you are under the wrong yoke!  

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TDP 0003: Where To Find Rest When You’re Weary

#0003 (Matthew 11:28) – We have all been tired and weary at times. For many, it is their daily reality! To those who are weary Jesus made a promise that almost seems too good to be true. He said that in Him you could find rest for your soul. In this episode, we look at this incredible promise of Jesus and how you can begin experiencing it today.

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TDP 0002: Come To Me

#0002 (Matthew 11:28) Are you feeling tired, stressed, afraid, or sad from all the craziness in the world today? Jesus made you a promise 2000 years ago that has tremendous implications for those who choose to follow Him. It is a promise that our world needs more than ever. What is it? He promised rest for those who are weary! But if He promised rest, why do so few people experience it? What does He actually mean by rest? How can you and I experience it in our own lives? In this episode, I share how you can find rest in Jesus today!

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