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TTI 021: Why A Stronger Walk And Witness Depend On Your Belief About God’s Character

#021 (Series: Foundation Stones pt.9 – Stone 3) – In this episode, we begin exploring the vast and often misunderstood topic of God’s Character. We learn why a deep walk with God and a strong witness for Christ both depend upon what we believe about God’s character. We also begin looking at what He has revealed about Himself in scripture and make the amazing discovery that He is far better than we ever imagined!

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TTI 020: The One Way To Glorify God While Fulfilling His Purpose For Your Life

#020 (Series: Foundation Stones pt.8 – Stone 2) – In this episode, we discover God’s third purpose for our lives, which is to glorify Him in all we do. We learn what this means and how we can carry it out in every aspect of life, not just the times we are in church. We also learn why so many Christians fail to fulfill this purpose of God for their lives and how you can avoid making that mistake in your life!

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TTI 019: How Eden And “Having Dominion” Clarify God’s Second Purpose For Your Life

#019 (Series: Foundation Stones pt.7 – Stone 2) – In this episode, we discover God’s second purpose for our lives. We also do a deep dive into what took place in the garden when Adam and Eve fell into sin and how it gives greater significance to the ministry of Jesus and the work He calls us to do with our lives. If you’ve ever wondered why Satan was in the garden and what Jesus is doing about it today then this episode might help you!

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TTI 016: How God’s Will And Your Faith Work Together, Bringing You Closer To Him

#016 (Series: Foundation Stones pt.4 – Introduction) – In this episode, we learn the importance of practicing our faith daily and how doing so aligns us with His Sovereign Will for our lives. We also discuss practical tips on how to practice your faith in accordance with God’s Word and the realities of the backlash you will face when you do so.

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TTI 014: One Of The Greatest Hindrances To Developing A Deeper Walk With God

#014 (Series: Foundation Stones pt.2 – Introduction) – In this episode, we discover one of the greatest hindrances to developing a deeper walk with God. This trap is likely not what you are thinking! In fact, it is experienced by every Christian to some degree and is often completely overlooked in our lives, making its presence even more dangerous and effective in hindering our walk with God.

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TTI 013: The Journey To A Deeper, More Satisfying Walk With God Begins Here

#013 (Series: Foundation Stones pt.1 – Introduction) – In this episode, we kick off a new series and discuss the often overlooked and much-needed promise of Jesus to give us rest and freedom. We discuss what these promises mean, why so many Christians lack them in their lives, and how we can only experience them when we are walking closely with Jesus.

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