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TTI 039: How God Promises To Set You Free From The Curse On The Earth

#039 (Series: Kingdom Living pt.3) – In this episode, we learn that there is a curse upon the earth that is the cause of so much worry and anxiety in people’s lives, especially surrounding money. We also make the amazing discovery that God promises those who seek first His Kingdom that they will rise above the devastating effects of the curse and experience freedom and peace instead!

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TTI 038: Why Our Perspective On Money Needs To Be Transformed By God’s Kingdom

#038 (Series: Kingdom Living pt.2) – In this episode, we dive into the topic of money and how God intends for the reality of His Kingdom to completely transform the way we approach our daily needs. We discover that there are two sources of provision upon the earth that compete for our devotion. We also discuss how to tell which source we are actually trusting in despite what we may believe. 

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