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TTI 034: Why Tests Of Faith Are Required To Fulfill God’s Purpose For Your Life!

#034 (Series: Special Episodes) – In this special episode, we deep dive into the topic of trials and the testing of our faith. We discuss how important trials are in our faith development and how much we stand to lose if we fail to trust God through the process. We also discover how God intends to use the trials that the enemy intended for evil, to upgrade our perspective, increase our effectiveness, and empower us to carry out His Kingdom purposes on the earth!

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TTI 033: How Seeing Trials From God’s Perspective Will Strengthen Your Faith And Joy

#033 (Series: Special Episodes) – In this special episode, we dive into some deep lessons about walking through seasons of transition, facing trials victoriously, and the restoration we believe God is working in people’s lives in 2022. We also discuss where we’ve been the past 6 months, why we took such a long break, and what God has been doing in our lives during that time.

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TTI 032: Are God’s Divine Strategies Guiding Each Area Of Your Life Or Your Strategies?

#032 (Series: Special Episodes) – In this special episode, we reflect upon the new thing we believe God is doing in His church and consider whether or not we are onboard with Him in our own lives. We also discuss the importance of regularly taking time to receive divine strategies from God for each aspect of our lives and making any mid-course corrections necessary to align our lives with His will. We specifically discuss how this applies to us personally and what God is leading us to do this holiday season.

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