page title icon Series: The Danger Of Busyness

TDP 0008: One Thing That Will Help You Overcome Anxiety and Experience Peace Fast

#0008 (Luke 10:38-42 – pt.3) – Jesus promised to give us peace. In fact, the Bible is clear that walking in peace is supposed to be the norm in the Christian life. Yet so many Christians are anxious and troubled instead. The good news is that there is a solution. Listen to find out the one thing that will help you overcome anxiety and experience peace fast!

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TDP 0007: It’s Time To Consider If You’re Distracted And Do Something About It!

#0007 (Luke 10:38-42 ~ pt.2) – In this episode, we continue looking at a major problem many Christians face today. This problem is hindering their spiritual growth and killing their walk with God, yet many don’t know what to do about it. What is it? It’s living at such a busy pace that we get distracted from Jesus. It’s time to consider if you’re distracted and do something about it!

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TDP 0006: Are You Sabotaging Your Spiritual Growth?

#0006 (Luke 10:38-42 – pt.1) One of the greatest problems Christians face today is not what many would suspect. It isn’t persecution, wealth, or gross sin. It’s a problem so subtle that few recognize its existence, which is what makes it so lethal. It slowly erodes your spiritual vitality, separating you from the Lord and putting a stop to your spiritual growth. Join me as we dive into God’s word to discover this hidden danger and how to overcome it!

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