page title icon Series: The Kingdom Strikes Back

TDP 0035: The Kingdom Of God Is More Than You Think

#0035 (Series: The Kingdom Strikes Back pt.3 – Luke 4:42-44) – Many believers today think the Kingdom of God is just a place you go to when you die. But Jesus revealed that it is so much more than that. When you see the Kingdom of God as Jesus revealed it, things begin to make more sense and your life is forever changed for the better!

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TDP 0034: What Satan Doesn’t Want You To Know About The Kingdom Of God

#0034 (Series: The Kingdom Strikes Back pt.2 – Matthew 4:12-17) – Jesus came preaching GOOD NEWS that will radically transform your life today as well as impact your eternity. For this reason, Satan tries His hardest to keep you from learning the truth about the Kingdom of God. In this episode, we dive into what the good news is really all about and why you need it today!

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TDP 0033: The King And His Kingdom Are At Hand

#0033 (Series: The Kingdom Strikes Back pt.1 – Luke 4:14-15) – Many Christians today have missed the powerful significance of the Kingdom of God. In this new series, we look at the life of Jesus and His emphasis on preaching and demonstrating the Kingdom. Buckle your seatbelts because this series will rock your world!

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