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Faith over fear new hope

How Choosing Faith Over Facts Fills You With New Hope!

Have you ever looked at the facts of your situation and come to the conclusion there was no way out, there was nothing you could do? Most likely you have, and it’s no fun. Feeling hopeless because you have no options drains the life out of you. It drains your vitality and darkens your perspective, tempting you to give up on the situation, maybe even on life. At some point in life, everyone will feel hopeless about a situation they face. When life keeps throwing punches, it’s easy to want to give up and throw in the towel! But there is a way through to the other side, and it’s a shorter path than you might think! In fact, as counterintuitive as it seems, when you choose faith over the facts your entire outlook can change in an instant! This small choice produces a massive perspective change and fills you with new hope! Let me explain how…

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Trusting God's Character to overcome anxiety

How Knowing The Truth About God’s Character Will Free You From Anxiety

Anxiety sucks, to put it bluntly. It sucks the life out of you, which is the very opposite of the abundant life Jesus promised you. People spend too much time worrying about things they can’t control or worse, things that might not even happen. Have you ever been guilty of that? Have you ever found yourself worried about something that didn’t turn out as you thought it would? Usually, the worry is worse than the circumstance itself! There are a number of reasons for experiencing anxiety, but at the root of them all is this… a lack of trust in God’s character towards us! When Jesus promised to give you abundant life, anxiety was never intended to be a part of the package. Yet so many of us live with anxiety every day. It doesn’t have to be this way though. You can overcome anxiety and discover the abundant life Jesus promised you.

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