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Are you weary in this hectic world? Then check out the daily pursuit, a podcast that teaches you God’s Word in short, impactful episodes. This podcast is dedicated to helping you follow Jesus and find rest for your soul while navigating the busyness of daily life. If you could use a daily dose of God’s Word then subscribe and join others like you who are following Jesus and finding rest for their soul on The Daily Pursuit!

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TDP 0026: The Power of Living According To Your True Identity

#0026 (Series: Fix Your Eyes On Jesus pt.6 – Luke 3:21-22) – One of the most effective attacks of the enemy is to get you to doubt God’s love for you and cause you to live according to your perceived identity. This is why God has gone to such extents to affirm His love for you and establish you in your true identity in Christ. When you fix your eyes on Jesus and stand firm in these truths, nothing will be able to move you!

TDP 0025: Are You Walking In True Freedom?

#0025 (Series: Fix Your Eyes On Jesus pt.5 – John 11:43-44) – There are many Christians today that have given their life to Christ yet they are still bound to sin, self, or religion. It doesn’t matter if you are attending church regularly, serving in church, or even on staff. Bondage doesn’t care about what “position” you have. The good news is that no matter where you’re at in your walk with the Lord, He wants to give you greater freedom and you can begin walking in true freedom today!

TDP 0024: The Power of Faith-Filled Prayer!

#0024 (Series: Fix Your Eyes On Jesus pt.4 – John 11:42) – While you can’t always control the circumstances around you, that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to them either. In this episode, we learn the power of faith-filled prayer. This kind of prayer refuses to accept the status-quo because it has its sights set on the Kingdom of God and is actively praying and working towards seeing God’s will done on earth!

TDP 0022: What To Do When All Hope Seems Lost

#0022 (Series: Fix Your Eyes On Jesus pt.2 – John 11:37-40) – When we set our sights on our circumstances, we can feel overwhelmed and all hope will seem lost. But when we fix our eyes on Jesus instead of our circumstances, we are reminded that Jesus is greater. He is greater than anything and everything you could ever face in this life. This perspective shift will fill your heart with faith, hope, and joy. Yet many Christians today still live feeling hopeless, lost, and confused. Listen to find out what to do when all hope seems lost.

TDP 0021: Do You Believe How Much He Loves You?

#0021 (Series: Fix Your Eyes On Jesus pt.1 – John 11:34-36) – There’s only way to navigate the craziness of daily life in a fallen world without losing hope. That is to fix your eyes on Jesus. When you do, your heart will swell with faith, hope, peace and joy! In this new series, we do just that, we fix our eyes on Jesus, to behold His beauty and dwell in His Presence.

TDP 0016: For Such A Time As This – pt2

#0016 (Series: The Blessings and Benefits of Fasting pt.2 – Matthew 6:16-18) – One of the best ways to grow spiritually is through prayer and fasting. Yet many Christians are hesitant to fast because they focus on the sacrifice rather than the blessing they will receive. As we embark on our 21 Day Challenge, we dive into this topic and how you can transform your life through prayer and fasting. In this episode I share specifics on how you can participate in our 21 Day Challenge.

TDP 0015: For Such A Time As This – pt1

#0015 (Series: The Blessings and Benefits of Fasting pt.1 – Esther 4:14) – One of the best ways to grow spiritually is through prayer and fasting. Yet many Christians are hesitant to fast because they focus on the sacrifice rather than the blessing they will receive. As we embark on our 21 Day Challenge, we dive into this topic and how you can transform your life through prayer and fasting.

TDP 0014: God Wants You To Work With Him Right Where You’re At

#0014 (Series: Working While Resting pt.5 – 2 Corinthians 5:18-20) – When God calls us to work hard we must learn what He intends by that command. We are not supposed to work just like the world works. As representatives of God’s Kingdom on the earth, we are called to live and work according to God’s Kingdom ways. This means we don’t spend all our energy on our occupation. Rather, God desires for us to intentionally invest in our health, our families, and our relationships with those around us as well.

TDP 0013: God’s Purpose For Your Life Starts With This

#0013 (Series: Working While Resting pt.4 – 2 Corinthians 5:18-19) – As you study scripture, there’s one fact you cannot escape… God desires for us to know Him closely. He has created us for this purpose, He sent His Son to redeem us from the sin which hinders it, and now He invites us into a deep, personal, ongoing fellowship with Him each day. This is His first and primary purpose for your life. Everything you do must begin here. When it does, you will find rest for your soul!

TDP 0012: How To Avoid Getting Burnt Out

#0012 (Series: Working While Resting pt.3 – 1 Corinthians 15:10) – One of the reasons so many Christians are stressed out and burnt out today is because they’re not living how God designed them to. Their lives reflect the world system they’re supposed to be freed from more than the Kingdom system God intended them to walk in. If we want to experience God’s rest and peace while working hard then we must start working according to God’s ways.

TDP 0007: It’s Time To Consider If You’re Distracted And Do Something About It!

#0007 (Luke 10:38-42 ~ pt.2) – In this episode, we continue looking at a major problem many Christians face today. This problem is hindering their spiritual growth and killing their walk with God, yet many don’t know what to do about it. What is it? It’s living at such a busy pace that we get distracted from Jesus. It’s time to consider if you’re distracted and do something about it!

TDP 0006: Are You Sabotaging Your Spiritual Growth?

#0006 (Luke 10:38-42 – pt.1) One of the greatest problems Christians face today is not what many would suspect. It isn’t persecution, wealth, or gross sin. It’s a problem so subtle that few recognize its existence, which is what makes it so lethal. It slowly erodes your spiritual vitality, separating you from the Lord and putting a stop to your spiritual growth. Join me as we dive into God’s word to discover this hidden danger and how to overcome it!

TDP 0005: The Shepherd Your Soul Needs

#0005 (Matthew 11:28-30 – pt.5) – One of the biggest hindrances to people experiencing a closer walk with God is that they don’t believe He is good and His plans are trustworthy. Sure, most Christians know God is good… because the Bible tells us so. Yet, deep within their hearts, they do not believe this to be true. If they did, they would run after Him and His purposes for their life. In contrast to this sentiment, Jesus invites us to take His yoke upon us. To do this, we must surrender our will and submit to His will. This thought scares many people, but Jesus assures us He is good and trustworthy because He is the Good Shepherd our soul needs! 

TDP 0004: Whose Yoke Are You Under?

#0004 (Matthew 11:29-30) – There are many yokes a person could carry in life, and each of them will leave you drained, exhausted, worn out… except for 1. Jesus declared that His yoke was easy and His burden was light. If your life feels burdensome and you are feeling weary, then it could be that you are under the wrong yoke!  

TDP 0002: Come To Me

#0002 (Matthew 11:28) Are you feeling tired, stressed, afraid, or sad from all the craziness in the world today? Jesus made you a promise 2000 years ago that has tremendous implications for those who choose to follow Him. It is a promise that our world needs more than ever. What is it? He promised rest for those who are weary! But if He promised rest, why do so few people experience it? What does He actually mean by rest? How can you and I experience it in our own lives? In this episode, I share how you can find rest in Jesus today!

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