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One Habit That Will Skyrocket Your Spiritual Growth!

As the current year draws to a close and a new one quickly approaches, there are probably a lot of hopes and goals you have for the new year! Unfortunately, when New Years rolls around most of us tend to make a list of more things (resolutions) we want to accomplish. These things tend to leave us discouraged and worn out. Our addiction to busyness has become like a badge of honor in today’s culture. The more you are doing the more valuable you must be…, right? When put like that, the answer seems obvious… of course not. There is, however, one habit you can pursue that will skyrocket your spiritual growth. Rather than leaving you discouraged and worn out, it can refresh your soul on a daily basis. But first, you might need to deal with one major hindrance to this life-changing habit.

Skyrocket your spiritual growth with this one habit!

A Major Hindrance To Your Spiritual Growth

Take a look at your schedule this week. Is it crammed full of things to do? The technology we have to make life easier has actually enabled us to believe the lie that we can get more done than physically possible as if we can squeeze extra hours into the day. We can do 3 things at once, or so we think, resulting in our minds and hearts being scattered all over the place.

Going out to dinner with your spouse? Today, you’re likely to be sitting around the table staring at a little blue screen… getting things done, or interacting with others while believing the lie you are actually connecting with your spouse. Sure, you’re at the same table, but very little connection and intimacy are taking place. This is because we don’t make time to go deep because we are so busy. As a result, we send the message to those around us that they are not priorities.

This is a cause for concern. It is undermining healthy relationships and healthy interaction. The key word in that sentence being HEALTHY!

To make matters worse, many people live like this from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. Think about it, is the first thing you reach for when waking up your phone? Is it the last thing you see before you go to bed while your spouse lay next to you on their’s as well? Bedtime was once a time to connect with your loved one both emotionally and physically, but now it has been turned into a last-ditch effort to get caught up with our busy day.

Once Upon A Time…

Sadly, this “present but not connected” mindset has been ingrained in us very quickly. In just a few years we have developed habits so deeply ingrained it’s as though we can’t remember life without these devices. What did we ever do before we had them? Many focused their time on more worthy pursuits and connected with those around them on a deeper level! This mindset has carried over into our time with the Lord as well. The tools at our disposal should make setting aside time to connect with Jesus each day increasingly easier… instead, they have done the opposite. Just this morning, while taking some time to pray, I heard my cell-phone ding 4 times with notifications.

Intimacy interrupted!

In the gospel of Luke, we see a story that is often overlooked. It’s the story of Martha and Mary. Martha is busy getting things done FOR the Lord. Mary chooses to sit at His feet and have fellowship WITH the Lord. Martha, as busy as she is, gets angry at her lazy sister for not helping her. After all, if they both served together, then maybe there would be more time to sit at Jesus’ feet together. The logic seems sound and I can only imagine it is what Martha may have been thinking. Certainly, it is how we think in our culture of busyness today.

Here’s the problem, as sound as it seems, it is a LIE! The reality that plays out is far different because there is always something else that can be done. How often have you decided to spend some free time with Jesus only to end up using that time as an opportunity to “get caught up” on other things? Maybe you even told yourself that you were getting ahead now so you could rest and spend time with Jesus later?

What Is The One Habit That Will Skyrocket Your Spiritual Growth?

Jesus said something very powerful in His response to Martha and we need to take His words to heart! He said…

“But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” – Luke 10:42 NKJV (emphasis mine)

One Thing! There is One Thing you need, we all NEED, and it isn’t more time or more tasks. The One Thing you need that will have the most impact upon your life is time alone with Jesus every day!

I’m not talking about just reading a short devotional and saying a quick prayer all within 5 minutes, but taking some time to really connect our heart with His. Because busyness will always be available, we can’t believe the lie that we will make time for Him eventually. It never happens.

Rather, we need to intentionally MAKE time to spend with Jesus. We need to make time to STOP BEING BUSY by setting it all aside, letting it go undone for a little while each day, knowing it will be waiting for us when we are ready.

This alone will transform your life more than anything.

  • This alone will reduce your stress,
  • increase your peace, and
  • give you rest

This is the one thing you need!

If you are struggling with busyness and feeling like you aren’t growing spiritually, then I challenge you to make a radical decision and make spending time with Jesus your primary goal for the new year!

Don’t worry, life will still go on and be waiting for you. But you will be all the more ready to face it!

Take Action:

If you are ready to accept this challenge, then I invite you to make your commitment public by sharing it in the comments below!

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