The church is more than an organization

The Church Is More Than An Organization!

There is such power and significance in being a part of the church and when you reduce it to nothing more than an organization you miss the point and you lose the power!

Jesus’ death and resurrection made it possible for an entirely new man to be brought forth in history, the Church!

Unlike anything else created in history, the Church is comprised of men and women who are born again and regenerated by His Holy Spirit.

We are the called out ones, called out of our sin and the world and called into God’s family and Kingdom as His sons and daughters, His priesthood!

For this reason, the church is far more than just another organization.

The church is more than an organization

We are His body and Jesus is our Head.
His life is in us, connecting us deeply, supernaturally, and eternally.

When we reduce the church to nothing more than a once a week gathering of “attendees” we lose all of the significance and power God intended us to have.

It’s time for church leaders to repent of perpetuating the organizational model for their own benefit and gain.

It’s time for church leaders to embrace God’s call to Shepherd the flock of God as spiritual Mothers and Fathers who love, care for, and invest personally in the people’s lives.

It’s time to put our hands to the plow and begin doing the hard work of raising up His body to be the priesthood Jesus calls them to be and to empower them to do true ministry for His kingdom, not just filling roles in our organization.

It’s time for the world to see the true beauty of the church and its head Jesus Christ!

We have so much more to offer than just snazzy organizations and programs!

Until leaders embrace this call and believers step into their God-given identity, we will continue falling short of God’s eternal purposes for us.

Take Your Faith Further

Take Action:

If you are a leader, will you accept the call to invest in the church body and not just the organization?

If you’re a member of the body, will you accept the call to be more than an “attendee” and step into God’s purposes for you as His called-out people?

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