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21 Day Challenge - Fasting and Prayer

21 Day Challenge: For Such A Time As This

We live in perilous times and it is exactly times like these where God wants to shine His light through His church the brightest. People all around us need Jesus and the closer we walk to Jesus, the more His light will shine through us! Therefore, we challenge you to join us on a journey that will take your faith further, transform your life, and allow the light of Christ to shine through you in new ways this year! This is a challenge that anyone and everyone can participate in to some capacity, regardless of your spiritual maturity or physical health. If you want to grow closer to Jesus and transform your life, then keep reading to see how you can join the 21 Day Challenge!

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How To Live With Greater Purpose in 2021

Are you happy 2020 is over? Are you prepared for what 2021 might bring? In this post and video, I share what God has put on my heart for His people in 2021, specifically how to live with greater purpose! God is doing a new thing and He is inviting people to break out of the status quo of their Christian life and join Him in His work. But, will you respond to His call? In this short video and post, I share how you can prepare your heart for all God has in store for you and live with greater purpose in 2021!

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reach your God-given potential by doing these 5 things

5 Things You Can Do To Reach Your God-Given Potential

Every person wants to know that their life has meaning and significance. But most people aren’t sure how to live in a meaningful and significant way. If you only go through life simply focused on getting through the day, not giving much thought or action towards your future, then you likely won’t reach your God-given potential. The reality is that in order to fulfill God’s will for your life you must live intentionally. This is because as you grow personally, new opportunities become accessible to you. This is true in almost every area of life, which is why living intentionally and continuing to grow as a person are so important.

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